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Fencing by First Fence: Composite

First Fence of Georgia is proud to have installed over 20,000 fences and counting. With a commitment to using quality materials, superb installation practices and providing top-notch customer service, we are pleased to serve Metro Atlanta homeowners and businesses.


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We offer a wide variety of fencing options to meet whatever needs you may have. First Fence can help whether you are considering a privacy fence, pool fence, or any other kind of fence. While traditional wood fences are prone to warp, crack and will rot over time as well as require constant maintenance, there are several wonderful fencing options available that will look great for many years and are virtually maintenance free!

While many people naturally think of building their fences using wood, composite fences provide a similar look without all the maintenance including replacing warped and cracked pickets as well as periodic staining of the fence.

Composite fencing is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Trex Fencing is a popular brand and one that First Fence often installs for homeowners.



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