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Restore, Protect & Beautify Your Fence with Staining and More!

When you choose to install an all-wood fence around your home or business, it’s important to keep restoration and staining in mind to protect your investment.

First, you always want to stain a new fence. This protects it, creates a fresh, polished look and can add great color, depending on what stain you choose. The natural look is appealing as well.

If you are purchasing a new fence, be sure to ask the company that you are considering whether they have a staining division. It’s convenient to have a one-stop shop fence company.

Left, the staining proccess. Right, the true beauty of the wood is protected and enhanced!

If you have an older fence, restoration is a great lower-cost alternative to replacing your fence. Restoration is the “face lift” to any unsightly or damaged areas of the fence that need to be repaired. This may include replacing cracked or warped pickets, addressing nail pops and fixing gates. Restoration also gives your fence the added protection of cleaning and staining the fence to protect and beautify the wood.

If you have an older/existing fence a staining technician should come out to do a site visit. This includes walking the fence line — examining anything that needs to be repaired, replaced or adjusted. Then the company will provide you with an accurate quote for what work is recommended — all in one turn-key package.

At First Fence of Georgia, we have aged lumber that we have set aside for clients’ fence repairs. We use this type of lumber because brand new “wet” lumber can take several weeks to dry out/cure. So when we install new pickets and do small repairs, just a day or two is necessary for the cleaned fence to dry out.

You may be wondering what it costs to have a fence restored or stained. There are many factors that determine the cost. We recommend thinking about these things:

  1. Do you want one side or both stained? (Do you just want an aesthetic difference inside?)
  2. Do you want to protect it – cover all aspects of your investment both inside and out?
  3. There are many different price levels depending on footage, age of the fence, how much damage has occurred, etc.
  4. Pressure treated (typically pine) pickets are less expensive than cedar pickets.

With the restoration of fences – the repair portion of the quote can cause the cost to vary quite a bit. There are many wood species, multiple fence types and the question becomes – can things be completed while we are there doing cleaning – or will it take a couple of visits? For example, if the repairs are due to damage from a car hitting a wood fence gate that has metal frame (i.e.: double drive gate with metal frames for trailers to move in and out – longer/bigger gates often need the metal frame for support) the frame might have to be rebuilt and welding needed back at our shop. This would require additional efforts and an extra visit. Therefore, the cost would be higher.

Many homeowners want to know about color options. First Fence offers a semi-transparent stain from Wood Defender that will give your fence color but allow you to see the wood grain. We do NOT recommend solids, such as paint, because they tend to peel, crack and bubble over time. In addition, paint is typically more costly to re-apply due to the prep that is involved. Stain reapplication has no prep work.

First Fence of Georgia is a full service turnkey fence company. We can take care of all your fencing needs from installation of a new fence to restoring existing wood ones. We are proud to offer Wood Defender Staining Products. Call today for your FREE staining quote. 770-422-9996.