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4 MORE Reasons Aluminum Fencing the Right Choice for Your Home or Business

Choosing the correct fencing material for your home or business requires research and product comparisons. Aluminum fencing is sure to be a possible choice due to its myriad benefits. Last month we showcased the aesthetic appeal, safety and security, sloping ability, and durability of this type of fencing. This month, we will continue showcasing aluminum fencing by discussing four additional benefits.


Low Maintenance

Maintenance may not be an initial concern with most new products, but it is an important factor when deciding on a fencing material. During manufacturing, aluminum fencing is covered in a powder paint coating. This process fuses the paint to the metal surface, protecting the fence from showing wear. Unlike wood and wrought iron fencing, aluminum fencing doesn’t require frequent and costly upkeep and repairs such as preservatives, sealants, stains, or paints. To care for an aluminum fence, simply clear away accumulated debris or spray with a garden hose to clear off any built up dirt.


Environmentally Friendly

Aluminum is a highly recyclable material. You can choose a fence made from recycled aluminum without sacrificing a bit of durability. You can also easily recycle your aluminum fence at the end of its lifespan. Due to aluminum fencing not requiring constant painting or refinishing, you eliminate introducing additional strong chemicals into the environment.


Customized Design Options

In addition to its ability to adapt to different landscapes and slopes, aluminum fencing comes in a variety of colors, heights, and textures. You can create your own customized fence design featuring different hardware, caps, or security spikes to suit your specific needs, all while following local code.



Aluminum fencing is lightweight (one-third of the weight of steel fencing), requires less specialized production (manufactured rather than fabricated), and is easier to transport and install than other decorative metal fences. These factors make aluminum fencing very affordable. While it may cost more upfront than a wood fence, it won’t require additional upkeep costs and maintenance. This cost-effective long-term investment will last for decades without need of replacement.


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