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4 Reasons Aluminum Fencing the Right Choice for Your Home or Business

Whether you are replacing an old fence or installing a new one, you want to choose the right material for your home or business. The material you choose will determine its initial and overall costs, longevity, and amount of necessary maintenance. One of your material choices is aluminum, which has a variety of benefits, such as:


Aesthetic Appeal

Built to mimic the appearance of wrought iron and steel fences, aluminum fencing is a beautiful alternative—without the cost, maintenance, and rust. Most aluminum fences offer a polished overall look due to their lack of screws and hidden picket fasteners. Available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures, an aluminum fence will complement your home or business by blending with the landscape without obstructing views.


Safety and Security

The main purpose of fences is to provide a barrier to keep children, pets, and other animals in a certain area, keep unwanted guests (animal and human) out, or to protect a dangerous area such as a pool or hot tub. While all high-quality fences provide a measure of security, some materials are better than others when it comes to safety and reliability. Wood fences can be climbed and chain link fences can be clipped, but aluminum fencing remains firmly in the ground and is difficult to scale, especially if it is outfitted with spear-topped pickets and pointed finials.


Sloping Ability

Some fencing materials are unable to follow a slope, eliminating them as options for your home or business if you have a hilly or uneven property. Aluminum fences are rackable, meaning they can fit the topography of your yard without any gaps or stair-stepped sections along the fence’s bottom. Leaving gaps at the bottom of a fence would reduce the security of your space by allowing animals or intruders easy access. Aluminum’s ability to curve with the landscape also results in the polished appearance of a continuous top.



Aluminum does not rot, fade, or rust like iron or steel, making it an ideal choice for locations susceptible to corrosive materials, such as swimming pools. Aluminum fencing also stands up to moisture, sunlight, snow, hail, ice, termites, and ants.


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