5 Benefits of Installing a Slat Fence

wooden slat fence

When it comes to putting up a fence around your property, you want to find the one that’s the best fit for your home. From security to affordability, homeowners have to consider a variety of factors before installing one. 

If you’re in the market for one, a great choice to consider for your fence project is a slat fence. This style of fence is a great way to enhance your property, and it comes with several advantages. 

First Fence of Georgia prioritizes providing you with the best fencing services, and that includes offering expert advice on slat fences. Here are a few benefits to consider: 

1. Easy Maintenance and Replacement

Slat fences offer durability and very simple maintenance needs with their design. The materials that make up these fences, such as aluminum, offer ample resistance to wear and tear, making them longer-lasting and easy to repair. With the fence being comprised of slats, more severe damage usually involves the simple replacement of a board or two, rather than the entire fence. Slat fences can last for several years, providing a reliable structure you can count on for a considerable amount of time. 

2. Budget-Friendly

Installing a fence can often be a costly process, and different materials can create a varying price range that isn’t always ideal. With the simplicity of a slat fence, though, you can install a high-quality fence for an affordable price. The materials you choose and the installation process are simple, all while being cost-effective. With this option, the addition of a fence doesn’t go past your budget. 

3. Secure

If you’re looking to keep your family and pets safe and trespassers out, some of the most prominent features of slat fences are their security and privacy solutions. The placement of the slats offers very little open space in between, making it difficult for people outside to see into your yard. 

Slats also offer a very sleek design, and without much space between each slat, it makes it a difficult fence to climb. These are a great option if you have children and pets or if you have a pool in your yard, offering privacy and peace of mind. 

4. Customizable

If you have a specific idea in mind for how you want your fence to look, it’s easy to achieve with a horizontal slat fence. With a variety of materials, colors, and styles to choose from, you can customize many aspects of your fence. 

Materials like wood and vinyl can come in a selection of colors and be able to be painted the color you desire. You can also customize the structure of your fence, whether you want to achieve better privacy or accommodate a small yard or uneven ground. Numerous options allow you to create the best fence for your home. 

5. Modern and Appealing

Many kinds of fences can meet the standard need for security or low maintenance, but not every type looks appealing. Horizontal slat fences are effective for privacy and durability, but also for visual appeal. Their customizable styles and sleek appearance offer a modern and attractive addition to your property. You can easily add beautiful curb appeal and match the aesthetics of your house. 

Common Styles You Can Choose

With the extensive amount of customization you can do with a horizontal slat fence, there are multiple kinds of styles you can implement to get the look or function you desire. Whether you need privacy or have a particular layout for your property, this fence can be customized to fit that. Here are a few styles that are often used: 


Single-slatted style is common in horizontal slat fences and has a pleasing, contemporary look to it. While you have small gaps of open space between each board, it still offers an effective amount of privacy. This style works well in gardens and backyards, keeping your plants and yard safe while enhancing the overall curb appeal. 


If you’re looking for a higher level of privacy, double-slatted fencing is a great option. Rather than having minor gaps between each board, double-slatted means the boards overlap, closing off any gaps you’d have with single-slatted fencing. This style works well for privacy fences, especially for your backyard if you have children, pets, or valuable outdoor appliances. 

Stepped Fence

Working on a hill or uneven ground while you’re installing a fence can be difficult. With stepped fences, however, you have a solution that’s visually appealing. Each section of fencing has the same amount of fence panels, with the uneven ground creating a step effect. The fence retains a uniform, stylish look while accommodating the unevenness.  

Material Options

There are various materials you can choose from when building a horizontal slat fence. It’s important to consider what kind of upkeep you’re prepared for and what style you’d prefer. Here are a few popular materials used for slat fences: 

  • Aluminum: This kind of metal is great for a more modern-looking fence style. Aluminum is also resistant to rust and durable against harsh weather conditions, making it very reliable. 
  • Vinyl: Low-maintenance and affordable, vinyl is a popular choice for a bright look that lasts. It works well double-slatted and single-slatted. 
  • Wood: A common choice amongst homeowners, wood offers a more traditional style for a fence. Woods like cedar are strong and reliable, and add a natural touch to your backyard. 
  • Contemporary: For added durability, sometimes materials are combined for a slat fence. Choices like aluminum borders and cedar slats can create a complementary blend of modern and traditional. 

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