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How to Get the Look of a Wrought Iron Fence without the Hassle

People have used wrought iron on their homes and buildings for hundreds of years — whether it was for bars on windows or on beautiful gates adorning the great cathedrals of Europe.

Wrought iron eventually became a popular choice for security fencing since it is extremely strong and durable but can also be cast into decorative molds. However, it does have some significant drawbacks. Wrought iron fences are prone to rust, which can become costly to maintain or replace. They are also very expensive to install and repair because they are custom made and must be welded at the installation site.


An aluminum fence is a good alternative to wrought iron when someone desires the look of wrought iron but does not need the strength that it provides. Aluminum is much more competitively priced and very low maintenance. It’s not susceptible to corrosion so it will look great in your yard for years to come. It’s also available in many different styles and colors. Homeowners often choose aluminum fences to enclose swimming pools and as perimeter fences.


Steel fences are also typically less expensive than wrought iron fences and may be a better option around your home or business. By nature, steel is stronger than aluminum, so it would be a better choice to use when strength is an important factor in a fence. Steel also comes in a variety of decorative options for both fencing and gates. However, steel is a little more expensive than aluminum. But if you need both beauty and security, steel may be the right choice!

Finally, aluminum and steel fence products offered by First Fence come with a limited lifetime warranty on the finish so there’s no painting after they are installed. First Fence will provide you with a metal fence that is built to last! For a free fence consultation, call First Fence of Georgia today – (770) 422-9996.

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