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Add a Fence to Your Home This Spring: Start Planning Today!

Are you dreaming of warmer weather? The winter blues might be here for a little bit longer but that doesn’t mean you need to delay your spring home projects, like adding a new fence! With the exception of a few extremely cold days, First Fence of Georgia can install fences all year round, so we are ready when you are!  Whether you decide to add a fence to your home today or later this spring, it will provide you with a variety of benefits, including:

A Safe Perimeter

Fences allow your children and pets to play safely in your yard, keeping them from wandering off, running into traffic on nearby roads, and from going into the neighbors’ yards. A fence can also provide a safe perimeter around a pool, protecting children from drowning and deterring use of the pool without your permission.

A Secure Barrier

Fences can not only keep your loved ones inside your yard, but they can also create a line of defense against criminals and dangerous animals. They can help to prevent burglaries and theft by providing a barrier around your home.

A Layer of Privacy

Everyone wants to feel comfortable relaxing in their own backyard, but nosy neighbors and busy nearby roads and sidewalks can make that difficult. Enjoy your cookouts and perform your yard work free from prying eyes by installing a privacy fence.

Established Boundaries

Establish boundaries to mark where your property starts and ends by adding a fence. This action will also keep passersby and neighbors from trespassing onto your property.

Added Aesthetics

Fences outline your property, adding a layer of completion to an otherwise open space and making your yard more visually pleasing. A large variety of fence types are available and can be chosen to compliment the style of your home, adding decorative appeal to your property.

Increased Property’s Value

A high-quality, professionally installed fence adds instant appeal to your house, thus increasing your property’s value. If you are considering selling your home, a fence is one of the first features that prospective buyers see. This investment can often lead to a higher selling price or a quicker sale.

Choose First Fence

Whether it’s to secure your pool, decorate your yard, create privacy or keep your family and pets safe, First Fence of Georgia will work with you to find the best aluminum, steel, composite, pvc, or wood fencing solution to suit your unique residential fencing needs. Pleas call us today at (770) 214-4235 or fill out our online form for a free quote.