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Ask First Fence: Fall/Winter Fence Installation?

We here at First Fence of Georgiaget a lot of inquiries on our contact page regarding our professional fence installations and it never fails that it’s this time of year when we start getting questions like the one posted below:

Dear First Fence,

         My husband and I are considering having a privacy fence installed in our backyard. We’ve been thinking about the added privacy and security for a few years now, but never began seriously considering it until we just got our first dog. While we’re not keeping him outside, he’s a golden retriever, and it won’t be long before he (and we) will need the extra space for him to run around in. We’d like to see about getting a fence installed as soon as possible, but does that pose a problem since we’re going into the colder months of the year?

– Janice,

Roswell, GA

First off, thank you for your inquiry, Janice. It’s a valid question and definitely one that we get quite often, actually. In a word, the answer is a resounding YES! As a matter of fact, here are just a few factors that tend to work in your favor when it comes to having a fence installed during fall/winter.


A Soft & Sleepy Yard

While having a fence installed in an extremely cold region where the ground freezes over for the better part of the next few months might be an issue, it wouldn’t be an issue for you here in the Atlanta area, especially since the weather has been so unseasonably warm lately. As a matter of fact, installing a fence during the colder months might even be more beneficial for you and your yard since most of your greenery tends to go dormant during that time anyway. The dormancy helps to decrease the likelihood of the yard, trees, shrubs, and plants being damaged as a result of the work being done to install your new fence.

No Downtime

Because most of your outdoor activities tend to move indoors during the colder weather, you won’t miss out on all the things you might miss out on if you were having your fence installed during the spring or summer. In other words, you’ll have the full benefit of the spring and summer because your fence will already be up, avoiding the construction downtime that might occur if you were trying to plan a backyard barbecue in July, for example. While we at First Fence strive to keep your backyard downtime to a minimum, it’s a small inconvenience you can avoid by having your fence installed during the colder months.

Easier to Schedule

Speaking of time, while First Fence works hard to get your fence installation completed as quickly and as painlessly as possible, it’s a fact that we tend to get busier during the spring/summer, which means that we’re in higher demand during the warmer months. Having your fence installed during the fall/winter means that you can avoid the rush and begin enjoying all the benefits of your privacy fence way before the warm weather kicks in.

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