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Choosing the Right Material for Your Privacy Fence

If you’re a homeowner and you’ve been considering the thought of a privacy fence for the outside of your home, there are many things to take into account once you’ve decided to add a fence to your landscape. Just as there are many different reasons to install a privacy fence — safety, security, protection, and privacy being just a few of them — there are different materials from which to choose for your privacy fence. And just as there are a few different options to choose from when deciding on what your fence will be made out of, each option comes with its own set of pros and cons. Whether it’s cost, durability, or any other factor you’re considering, it’s important to know which factors are most important to you in order to adequately compare them to one another. Here are just a couple of the most popular material options available when installing a privacy fence.


By far, the most common material used for privacy fences is wood. Due mostly to its low cost and ease of installation, wood is a traditional favorite for homeowners. Two of the most popular types of wood used in fences are pine and cedar – both easily available and relatively inexpensive. From a design standpoint, wooden fences are incredibly versatile. Not only are they available in many different shapes and styles such as picket, privacy, semi-privacy, scalloped, lattice, and much more, but they can be painted or stained to match with the surroundings; which brings us to one of the main drawbacks with a wooden fence — the maintenance and upkeep. Because it’s always subject to the outdoors, wooden fences require treatment with stains or other forms of sealants or coatings to not only keep them looking good, but to keep them structurally sound, as well.


Having come a long way technologically in the last few decades, vinyl fencing is a premium option for a privacy fence. First of all, in contrast to the upkeep and care a wooden fence requires, a vinyl fence requires virtually no such maintenance. Because it’s made of a synthetic material, it’s made to withstand the outdoor elements and is manufactured in various colors and styles to match your outdoor decor. When you couple its durability with its versatility in design, it’s easy to see why vinyl generally costs a little more than its wooden counterparts, but not by much.

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