Choosing the Correct Fence Height for Your Home

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Residential fence heights range from about three feet tall to about eight feet tall, but there are several factors to consider when choosing the height of your fence. To choose the perfect fence height for your home you will want to determine the style and purpose of your fence, consider its location, and adhere to any local laws and regulations. 

Determine Your Fence’s Purpose 

What purpose do you want your fence to serve? Do want privacy from nosy neighbors? Are you trying to keep out trespassers? Do you want to keep your dog and children in your yard? Or perhaps you need to secure your swimming pool? 

Common Fence Heights 

By determining your fence’s purpose, you will narrow down the height and material options. 

  • Decorative: These ornamental fences tend to be more for aesthetics than for security. Typically around three to four feet high, decorative fences are often created with wrought iron, vinyl panels, tubular bars, and other metals. 
  • Privacy: Available in wood, vinyl, and chain link, six-foot high privacy fences are normally sufficient to prevent your neighbors from looking into your windows and yard. 
  • Boundary: Often added to a home to create a clear boundary between your yard and a street or neighbor, these ornamental fences are three feet high in front yards and six feet high in back yards. 
  • Dog: The important question is: “How high can your dogs can jump?” A four-foot fence is adequate for most dogs, but a six-foot dog fence might be necessary for larger breeds or higher jumpers. 
  • Pool: Pool fences keep uninvited guests out and keep people and pets safe. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission provides general guidelines on pool fencing (usually at least four feet tall.) However, it is important to check the specific laws where you live. 
  • Garden: A three to four foot garden fence allows you to show off flowers or vegetables, while keeping out large animals. If smaller animals are a concern, consider a solid fence. 

Check Local Laws and Regulations 

Counties, cities, and homeowners associations often have their own regulations regarding fence height, color, materials, and location. It is very important to be aware of these laws and regulations before beginning your fencing project.

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