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Composite Fencing: The Durable, Beautiful, Green Choice

When you are choosing the best fence to enclose your yard, you will want to select a product that is strong, attractive, and long-lasting. Composite fencing (made from a mixture of wood and plastic) offers a variety of benefits to suit your needs.


Aesthetically Pleasing

With composite fencing you can achieve any aesthetic you wish, from a classic “white picket” style to a more contemporary look. Offering the appearance of wood (without the upkeep), this type of fencing is available in a multitude of styles, sizes, and colors to suit your needs.


Durability, Longevity, and Value

Natural wood fences, depending on the species and environmental exposure, will last 7-30 years, but composite fencing can last 30 years or longer due to its protective exterior layer, which prevents damage from pests, insects, sun damage, mold, and mildew. Natural wood may have a relatively inexpensive upfront cost but it has higher maintenance, repair, and replacement costs than composite fencing.


Cleaning, Repairs & Replacements

Composite fencing is low maintenance and cleaning can usually be done by a quick rinse with your garden hose. Stubborn spots can be fixed with soap and a scrub brush or a pressure washer. If a section of your composite fence gets damaged and is in need of replacing, the new board or section will blend seamlessly, unlike wood or vinyl fencing repairs which tend to stand out.


The Environmentally-Friendly Fencing Choice

Pressure-treated wood is usually filled with insect-resistant chemicals (which are hazardous to your health if ingested or inhaled) that can leech into surrounding areas. Toxic additive-free composite wood is created with reclaimed sawdust and leftover wood pulp from paper mills that would normally go to waste and recycled materials like plastic bags (the average 100-linear foot Trex composite fence contains 140,000 recycled plastic bags!) When your composite fence reaches the end of its life cycle it can then be recycled, unlike pressure treated wood fences.


Trust the Composite Fence Specialists at First Fence

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