Creating Privacy with a Chain Link Fence with Slats

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Chain link fences are woven fences made from steel wire. They’re affordable, durable, and customizable, making them a great choice for a reliable fence. The visibility chain link fences provide can make privacy difficult, though, and that’s where a chain link fence with slats come in. At First Fence of Georgia, we understand the importance of privacy for your property and offer a look into how fence slats can make your property private and secure. 

What Are Fence Slats?

Privacy fence slats are inserts that are woven into a chain link fence. They can be made of durable composite aluminum or plastic and may come in various colors. When these slats are added to a chain link fence, the openings in the mesh are covered, blocking off visibility on either side. This adds better privacy to your fence. 

Why Use Slats With a Chain Link Fence?

Chain link fences alone come with many benefits, but the addition of fence slats adds to that. If you’re considering ways to make your fence more private, here are some reasons why slat inserts are an ideal option for you: 

Better Privacy

The most important quality fence slats provide is their enhanced privacy. Chain link fences alone don’t provide enough given their design, but the inserts allow you to block off the areas of visibility. This keeps the fence closed off and your property out of sight. 

Extra Security

While chain link fences offer security on their own, the privacy that slats provide also boosts the security of them. People who are looking to trespass onto a property are unable to see past the fence, which can deter them. Potential trespassers are less likely to cross into your property if they can’t determine your security system or see your valuables from outside. 

Customizable for Visual Appeal

A great benefit of chain link fence slats is that they are customizable to match your fence or give it a different look entirely. The coating on chain link fences can be customized, but the addition of slats can help to match your fence to your property and landscaping aesthetics. While you keep your privacy, you also add curb appeal.  

Protection From the Elements

Closing off a chain link fence with slats provides shade and added protection against the elements. It acts as a barrier against wind, dust, and debris, and depending on the placement and height, it can add shaded areas to a property.

Noise Reducing

If your property is near a busy road or a well-populated area, you might be looking for noise reduction. While it can’t create a soundproof barrier, a fence with slat inserts can dampen noise, creating a quieter environment inside. 

Durable and Long-Lasting

The coated steel wire of a chain link fence combined with galvanized aluminum or plastic fence slats makes for a durable fence. This kind of fence resists strong UV waves and rusting and can last for a long time without needing replacement. 

Simple Installation and Maintenance

Incorporating slat inserts into your fence is a straightforward process. Compared to other privacy fences, the easy installation reduces the amount of time needed to complete it. Maintenance is also fairly simple, with the durable materials making repair and cleaning quick and needed less frequently 


Fence building can be a costly process. Purchasing fence slats for a chain link fence is cheaper than building an entire privacy fence from scratch, though. The materials are affordable and are a great option for a stricter budget. 

Different Uses For Slat Inserts

Fence slats can be used for a variety of different locations where chain link fences are used. Here are a few examples: 

Residential Properties

Residential homes are a common place to have fences built, and many homeowners value privacy for their backyard. With slats, homeowners can create a more enclosed area in their yard, as well as use the closed-up fences as a way to enhance the look of their property. They may line the fences with plants, furniture, or other decorations to make it visually appealing. 

Commercial Properties

Many businesses have properties they want to keep private and secure. Whether it’s for the purpose of after-hours security or to keep company equipment out of sight, slatted chain link fences can keep those aspects of a business private. 


It’s important for schools to have privacy and limited access for people outside the property. Installing fence slats offers more security for playgrounds and other open areas. They keep unwanted trespassers out, offer improved surveillance and protection for kids inside the school grounds, and prevent students from wandering off the property.  

Community Centers

Recreational centers are a hub for public activities, but can still require privacy and security in certain areas. Tennis and basketball courts, sports fields, and playgrounds benefit well from chain link fences with slat inserts. They help establish the boundaries of the area and keep the property private after hours. 

First Fence of Georgia Offers Ideal Privacy

If you’re looking to enhance the privacy of your property, chain link fence slats are a great option to consider for their versatility and easy installation. First Fence of Georgia offers effective, high-quality fence installation for residential and commercial properties in the North Metro Atlanta area. Our team of experts is prepped to meet property requirements and build the fence that’s right for you. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a service. 

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