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Don’t Wait for Spring to Have a Fence Installed

If you’re like most Georgia homeowners, the winter season is the time of year that most outdoor home and yard activity tends to cease, just before it all ramps up to a fevered pitch again in spring. But just because your lawn goes dormant in the winter, it doesn’t mean that all outdoor projects have to, as well. If you’ve been thinking about having a privacy fence (or any other type of fence, for that matter) professionally installed, winter is a great time to consider getting it done for a number of reasons.


Dormancy Makes it Easier

Because your yard and most all of the greenery in it tends to go dormant during the fall/winter months here in Georgia, it helps to lessen the potential damage increased activity and traffic can have on your yard when having a fence installed. The likelihood of damage to your yard, trees, shrubs, and plants is decreased during the dormant period. In addition, because of Atlanta’s relatively mild winter weather (especially lately), the ground never has much of a chance to freeze like it does further up in the north, making the ground easier to dig into and the dirt easier to work with when installing a fence.  


No Decrease in Outdoor Activity

Because the fence pros at First Fence of Georgia strive to keep on schedule while keeping the inconvenience to you and your yard to a minimum, it’s easier to accomplish this by having your fence installed during the winter. Because the freezing temps of winter tend to decrease the amount of time you and your family spend outdoors relaxing and entertaining anyway, you won’t have to worry about the quality outdoor time you’d be missing out on if you were having your fence installed in the spring or summer. Having your fence installed during winter means that your backyard is complete and ready to go as soon as spring arrives, when our services tend to be in higher demand.  


Scheduling Work is Easier

Which brings us to the subject of time. We understand that you and your family’s time is precious. Having First Fence install your fence during the winter means that you can avoid the rush of spring and summer, when our services tend to be in greater demand, and enjoy a more flexible installation schedule. That way, you can begin enjoying all the benefits of your fence as soon as possible by avoiding any potential installation scheduling conflicts.


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