Enhance Your Privacy with a Board on Board Fence

board on board fence

Similar to most fence styles, they offer various benefits depending on your needs. Whether it’s security or durability, most fences are installed to enhance privacy between properties. Board on board fences offer versatility in size, style, and privacy, making it an ideal fencing style.  

This blog discusses the attributes of board on board fencing, its benefits, and how to increase safety and privacy within your home.  

What is a Board on Board Fence?

A board on board fencing is a type of fencing style where each board overlaps each other completely closing the space between the panels. When fully constructed, the overlapping boards create a barrier between households preventing any and all visibility. 

Many professionals and homeowners prefer using wood to create these privacy fences offering a sleek and timeless style. Depending on the wood, the material is extremely durable especially if pressure-treated.  

The Key Benefits of Board on Board Fences

One of the key benefits of board on board privacy fences is this is the only type of fence style that provides complete privacy from both sides of the fence. For homeowners looking to increase privacy between bordering households, this style is perfect. The other benefits include:


Fence styles are not always one size fits all. Having several options to choose from adds visual interest and fits the needs of your property. Experimenting with different materials, heights, or colors provides several options to choose from, especially for those looking to match their current style. Some styles include: 

  • Wood 
  • Composite 
  • Vinyl 

Sound Insulation

Due to its unique style, the overlapped board serves as a “blocker” of sound between and above the fence (depending on the height). Meaning, that sound does not carry which is especially great for homes located near busy streets or highways.  

Wind Reduction or Damage

Depending on the installation, some board on board fences can have small gaps in between the panels. Despite the openings, this does not mean they allow visibility. 

This style is primarily for areas experiencing high winds. The gaps help the wind travel through decreasing the risk of wind damage. Most solid fences cannot handle.

Enhance Security

Naturally, fences add an extra layer of protection from the outsiders. Specifically for board on board fences, they offer an extreme level of security given their height and lack of visibility between gaps. 

This is not the case for some fence styles such as picket fences which have spaced-out panels allowing for partial visibility. While it is considered a traditional decorative style, it is not the best for enhancing security. Board panels with little to no space in between are best for improving privacy.  

wooden boards fence

Increased Property Value

As a decorative and eye-catching fence style, the patterned style of board on board fencing adds visual interest especially depending on the material. Beautifully structured fences add to the value of any property. This is important for homeowners looking to sell.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Board on Board Fences

Are board on board fences more expensive than other fence styles? 

Yes, they typically cost more because they require double the amount of fence panels when building. Depending on the various factors such as height, material, and size, they range in cost. While the cost may be expensive, the return on investment is about 70%. 

What are ways to maintain this type of fence? Is it easy? 

Since the panels overlap each other, this would require several panels to be removed if there was damage. It would be best to consult a professional about maintenance if damaged by weather or other external factors. 

Are board on board fences durable? 

The solid structure of the fence makes it practically impenetrable especially for areas experiencing extreme weather conditions. The fence boards are longer and stabilize in the ground for extra support.  


Before any fence installation, consider the use, placement, and style. The classic look of this fence style offers several benefits to any homeowner looking to increase privacy and maximize the use of their fence. 

While board on board fences may be more expensive than other fence styles, the return on investment for durability and longevity stands out. With various styles and materials, a board on board fence can match any home style. 

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