Fence Types

Fence Types

Fencing is an important part of marking boundaries, keeping people and pets safe, and providing privacy. Choosing among fence types for your property depends on both form and function. For the commercial property owner, functionality is probably the most important consideration driving materials choice. Security often supersedes aesthetics. On the other hand, homeowners value a fence’s curb appeal as highly as its functionality.

The abundance of materials and design options can seem overwhelming when selecting a fence for a home. Since we are the Fence Experts, one of our primary roles at First Fence of Georgia is to help our clients understand their options in selecting the proper fence that will meet their needs. We want to make it easy to choose the fence that’s right for them.

Fence types. Spear top black metal fence around a building

Long-lasting security to complement both traditional and modern aesthetics.

Fence types. Commercial fencing. Black metal fence with brick columns

Rigorous durability and enhanced security with a touch of elegance.

Trex Winchester Grey

Terrific durability and ease of maintenance with the aesthetic of wood.

White privacy fence - composite fence

Rot and insect resistant, and simple to maintain.

stained fence

Timeless charm and versatility that’s environmentally friendly.

Commercial chain link fence
Chain Link

Affordability and durability that’s easy to repair and maintain.

From functional to fabulous, we offer fence designs for everyone

The type of fencing material you use says a lot about your style, so you want to select something that enhances your overall aesthetic while serving its primary function. Each material carries a distinct look, and comes with certain advantages. We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of our most popular products.

Fence types. aluminum 5 3 Rail Independence Smooth Top Screwless fence maintenance


A popular choice, aluminum is an ideal option for those seeking a decorative, sturdy and low maintenance fence with the look of traditional wrought iron. Suitable for residential, commercial or industrial settings, aluminum offers many benefits.


If you are seeking a strong and protective fence, steel is a terrific option for both businesses and homeowners. Steel fences are frequently used in areas where climate and various environmental elements can corrode a traditional wrought iron fence. Steel fences come with many assets.

Fence types. Residential Black Aluminum fence
Fence types. Privacy fence with gate


While many people naturally think of building their fences using wood, composite fences provide a similar look without all the maintenance. Trex Fencing is a popular brand and one that First Fence often installs for homeowners. There are numerous advantages to using composite fencing.


Both attractive and durable, PVC (vinyl) is an economical and low-maintenance fencing option. Traditional wood fences naturally warp, crack and rot over time, requiring constant maintenance. PVC provides a similar look without demanding much maintenance.

A disadvantage of PVC fencing is extreme heat and direct sun can cause the colors to fade over time, or the material to turn brittle.

Fence types. White picket fence backyard
Fence types. wood neighborhood privacy fence


Wood is a traditional material and classic look for fencing. It’s one of the least expensive materials, as well as one of the easiest to install. It also lends itself to a variety of design styles, including picket, ranch rail, lattice, split rail and more. It is often the go-to fencing choice for a reason. 

However, there is an inherent downside to wood fences that should be taken into consideration. The reality is that wood is a natural product that is easily damaged by the elements. Despite the versatility and beauty, wood requires significantly more maintenance than other materials in order to stay both functional and attractive. This includes power washing, repainting/staining and repair of broken or rotted boards on an ongoing basis. Additionally, wood fences have a shorter lifespan than most other fence products.

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