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When installing a new fence or replacing an old one, the choice of fencing material is one of the most important decisions you face. Each type of material has advantages and disadvantages. These include maintenance, life span, suitability to both the site and any neighborhood codes, as well as the cost of installation. Aluminum is a popular choice for homeowners and commercial projects due to a number of factors. As Atlanta’s premier aluminum fence installer, First Fence of Georgia’s priority is to install an attractive, top-quality fence that fits your needs and your budget.
Residential Black Aluminum fence

Residential Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is an ideal choice for residential applications. It provides timeless aesthetic appeal, and requires little maintenance. Additionally, the light-weight of residential aluminum fencing allows for easier installation than some other materials.

It you’re looking for a fence material that looks great, doesn’t require a lot of upkeep, and offers long-lasting durability, aluminum is a perfect choice for homeowners. It’s suitable for yard enclosures, pool enclosures, and defining property lines.

Commercial Aluminum Fencing

While residential and commercial aluminum fences look similar, they have some important differences.

Commercial grade aluminum has larger pickets and rails. It’s also made from thicker material. This increases strength for environments with heavy traffic. A commercial grade aluminum fence can hold approximately 500 pounds of pressure on the top horizontal rail.

It can also include metal support ribs for additional fortification. This makes it more secure for commercial areas such as retail and apartment complexes, office parks, community swimming pools, and hotels.

Aluminum fence around courthouse
Aluminum apartments entrance gate with brick columns

Advantages of Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum has several characteristics that make it appealing both aesthetically and functionally.

Easy to Maintain:

Corrosion is a big consideration when it comes to metal fences, especially in high-moisture or salt air climates. Protective coats help reduce this risk, but the base metal is just as important.

Unlike steel or wrought iron, aluminum doesn’t react to moisture. That means it does not rust. It will never require a new protective finish, making maintenance minimal.

Compatible with Most Topography:

Hilly yards can present a problem when it comes to fencing. However, aluminum is what is known as a rackable material. A reputable aluminum fence installer can adjust rackable fences so that they fit the topography of your property. This feature eliminates gaps along the bottom of the fence line.

Better Security:

When securing your property is the top priority, aluminum provides more protection than some other materials. The spear picket design of many aluminum fences makes them very difficult to climb. Further, aluminum is nearly impossible to cut through. This makes aluminum fencing a great choice for homeowners or commercial property owners who desire an extra layer of security.

Classic Curb Appeal at a Lower Cost:

Many of us have admired historic steel or wrought iron gates and fencing, but reproducing those today comes with a hefty price tag. Aluminum offers a similar look. However, because it’s a lightweight material that can be mass-produced, it is typically a fraction of the cost of other decorative metal fences.

Design Versatility:

Most aluminum fences are of the basic post and picket variety. This simple style can be accessorized with decorative post caps and panels to give it a custom look. Additionally, aluminum is available in privacy and semi-privacy panels. This makes it a versatile material for all of your fencing needs.

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