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Form & Function that Lasts: Vinyl Fencing

With all the things around the house that require a homeowner’s constant attention, it makes sense that the average homeowner like yourself would be looking for fewer household tasks to have to be responsible for. Between the daily chores and all the routine maintenance and upkeep inside and outside the house, there’s more than enough to have you working all the time, keeping you from actually living in, and enjoying, your home and all it has to offer. When it comes to choosing a material for your privacy fence, you want something that’s affordable, looks great, and requires little to no maintenance.


That’s where vinyl fencing comes in. Yes, vinyl.


A plastic-based, man-made material that’s derived when you combine chlorine and ethylene, polyvinyl chloride vinyl (or PVC) is one of the best all-around materials with which to build a fence. Used for countless applications in construction for decades, PVC has proven itself a durable and affordable material that’s also easy to work with.



One of the best benefits of vinyl fencing is its strength and durability. First of all, not only is it much stronger than wood and made to withstand extreme weather conditions, but it also flexes much better than wood under the strain of high winds. In addition to Mother Nature and the harsh weather elements, it can also stand up to pests, wood rot, and all the other strains of nature that can wreak havoc on a traditional wooden fence.


Less Maintenance

Unlike its wooden counterparts, a vinyl privacy fence requires very little, if any, maintenance to keep it looking brand new, year-in and year-out. Where a wooden fence requires repainting or re-staining every 2-3 years, according to experts, a vinyl fence isn’t susceptible to fading, peeling, cracking, or warping. A simple pressure washing every once in a while is all that’s necessary to keep it looking brand new.


Complete Privacy

Because vinyl fences are available as large, one-piece panels, you can surround yourself in total privacy because there aren’t any slats or gaps in the fencing to see through or past. This makes vinyl fences optimal for backyards where privacy and the feeling of seclusion are driving factors, such as around a pool area or outside living area.


Trust a Vinyl Fence Expert

For more information about all the other benefits of vinyl fencing for your residential or commercial property, contact Atlanta’s very own First Fence of Georgia, a trusted fence installer with extensive professional experience in the installation of fences of all different styles, including vinyl.


For additional questions or a FREE consultation, check the First Fence of Georgia website or reach out to a helpful and experienced fence expert to discuss your potential fencing project.