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Hiring a Pro to Install Your Privacy Fence

As homeowners find themselves in the thick of summer, weekend warriors and DIYers alike might be tempted to spend a little extra time on a home improvement project in an effort to add some form or function to their environment. While there are many potential things that a determined homeowner can choose to attack and conquer in the world of home improvement, there are some things still best left to the professionals.


Fences: Form and Function

One such project that provides a significant amount of form and function (and added home resale value!) is the installation of a wooden privacy fence. A privacy fence provides a wonderful aesthetic feature to the exterior landscape of the home, often times providing a great first impression of the home, if visible from the front yard.


In addition, it not only provides the function of a physical barrier around your yard that helps to keep your children and pets safe within the bounds of your property, but one that also helps to provide a barrier of protection from anything outside your yard, as well. Not to mention that it also provides a level of privacy against anyone trying to peer inside your yard or your house.


The Pros Know

A professional fence installation company is a good place to start if you’re considering adding a privacy fence to any portion of your property. For starters, there are countless designs and patterns that you can choose for your fence. A professional will not only consult with you to determine which design works best with your house and its surroundings, but discuss options for materials and the pros and cons of each, as well.


What to Ask About

First off, any fence installer worthy of your time and money will have a portfolio of their completed projects so that you can see their handiwork. Even better is an installer who has testimonials or positive reviews to go along with their portfolio. If you get the opportunity, ask their past clients how strictly they adhered to the budget and timetable for the project. Beware of overages and delays. Before working with any contractor, check on their standing with the local Better Business Bureau to see if they have any complaints registered against them and if those complaints have been duly addressed. You may also find Angie’s List or TrustDale.com as good resources if you’re in need of additional peace of mind.


Who to Ask

If you’re interested in a FREE, no-obligation consultation and estimate regarding a privacy fence for your yard, feel free to contact the best fence installation professionals at First Fence of Georgia, the premier fencing experts for all your residential and commercial needs.


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