Fence Installation Process

What to Expect From Your Professional Fence Installation

The decision to install a fence on your property is a big one, and there is much to consider. Even if you plan to do it yourself, fence installation involves the commitment of two valuable resources: money and time. Certainly, many people don’t have the necessary tools, skills, or available free time to undertake such a large project. But what exactly happens when you hire a fencing professional? At First Fence of Georgia, our fence installation process is four easy steps.  

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Preparation for your Fence Installation

As with any home improvement project, a little preparation can go a long way. This is particularly true when installing exterior features like fences. Fences abut neighboring properties and might require permits or other legal documents before you can begin. One of the most important preparatory steps you can take is determining your property lines. This might require getting a plat, which is a scale map of your neighborhood prepared by civil engineers. You can find plats online from the Georgia Superior Court Clerk’s Cooperative Authority. After you determine your legal boundaries and have consulted applicable HOA rules, you can apply for the proper permits. Further, it’s essential to check for buried utility cables. Cleaning up any debris from the area where you intend to build your fence helps your contractor when it comes time to stake out the new fence line. First Fence of Georgia’s installation team will then address any rocks or other obstructions that require removal before construction starts.


Getting an Estimate

The next step is a one-hour meeting with one of our highly-trained estimators. After you contact First Fence of Georgia, we schedule an appointment to send an estimator to your home. Additionally, we send an email on how to get ready for your in-person consultation. This includes a photo of and profile on the estimator. It’s our way of helping to prepare you and keep you safe. During the meeting, the estimator will walk the property with you to discuss your objectives and better understand how a fence will fit into your site. This allows us to use our expertise to present the best solution for your needs. The estimator will then use a measuring device to calculate the size of the fence and how much material you will need.


Fence Installation Day

The big day is finally here! The meeting with the estimator covers general locations. On the day of installation, the crew foreman will address exact details. Be prepared to spend the morning reviewing precise fence placement, gate locations, and potential changes that may occur at time of installation. This ensures the fence installation process goes as smoothly as possible. Remember that damage to underground lines and private utilities that are not marked by the 811 service are not repaired by First Fence.


Fence Inspection

This is your opportunity to sign off on the completed fence. We do not require our customers to be present during the entire installation. However, we do ask that you are available at the end to inspect the final product. We want our customer to be thrilled with the work we do! Any issues will be addressed before you sign the completion form. Additionally, a warranty covers all First Fence of Georgia fences after we leave the site.

For more information on steps you can take to get ready for your new fence, contact a professional like First Fence of Georgia. For more information on fencing check out our articles at FENCING 101.

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