Pool Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Backyard

Pools are one of the best parts of outdoor living. If you’re thinking of taking the pool installation plunge, there’s a lot to consider. You may be wondering: what is the best pool privacy fence?  

There are several fencing options which fit that bill. However, privacy isn’t the only consideration. Legal code requirements, aesthetics, security and safety all play a role in choosing the right fence for your pool. 

It’s also a good idea to consider upkeep. Pools require significant time and effort to keep them clean and running smoothly. You may want to choose a fence that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.  

Our pool privacy fence ideas take into account all of these factors. Take a deep breath, and let’s dive in. 

Composite Pool Privacy Fence  

Composite fencing offers the traditional look of wood without the upkeep. It comes in a variety of colors that weather attractively in the sun, and never require painting. Similarly, composite won’t rot, splinter, warp or crack. 

That means it’s low maintenance, as well as being a safe option to protect your pool. If someone wearing a bathing suit brushes up against a composite fence, they’re unlikely to injure themselves. 

Trex, the composite fencing brand favored by First Fence of Georgia, is also environmentally friendly. It’s made from 95% recycled plastic and reclaimed sawdust. 

Composite fencing comes with prebuilt gates and is adaptable up to 12’ high. This makes it an excellent choice for both security and privacy for pool owners. 

Wood privacy fence around a pool in backyard

Wood Pool Privacy Fence  

Aside from stacked stone, wood is probably the most natural and traditional fencing option. Wood has a number of benefits that make it a suitable choice for your pool enclosure. 

Wood is a very adaptable material for fencing. It can be installed at various heights and fence design styles, making it aesthetically versatile.

When combined with paint or stain, wood fencing can be tailored to fit a variety of pool styles. A wood fence can recede into your landscaping or be painted in bright colors to mimic tropical locales.

Wood is also relatively easy to install. That can help save on installation costs, as well as any repairs that may be needed. Replacing a warped or cracked wood slat is easier than some other fencing materials. 

Wood also resists corrosion from chlorine and saltwater. However, a wooden fence does require regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. Painting, staining, and future repairs should all be considered when choosing a wood fence for your pool privacy. 

Modern slat privacy fence

Modern Privacy Fencing for Pools  

For a more modern take on a traditional wood privacy fence, consider a horizontal slat fence. Horizontal fences are one of the most in-demand fencing options for homeowners. In addition to the stylish modern look, horizontal fences are also highly customizable.   

If privacy is your main goal, the slats can be placed close together. However, if you’d prefer a bit of air flow around your pool, small gaps between the slats allow increased ventilation without sacrificing concealment.  

Additionally, the vertical support posts can be tailored to your design aesthetic. Wood, metal or even masonry options offer a wide variety of looks. If you’re concerned about durability, composite is an attractive and long-lasting alternative to wood. 

Like their vertical counterparts, horizontal slat fences provide security, safety and privacy around all types of swimming pools. 

6′ PVC privacy fence

PVC/Vinyl Pool Privacy Fence  

PVY/vinyl is one of the most popular pool privacy fencing options. PVC is often more economical than alternatives such as wood, aluminum, and composite. PVC/vinyl fences are also impervious to rot or water damage, which is an attractive feature for any pool fencing. 

Additionally, PVC is an ecofriendly choice because it’s nontoxic and not chemically treated. It’s virtually maintenance free. It also comes in an array of styles and colors, and never requires painting.  

PVC further provides optimal privacy. The solid fence panels block the view of your pool and its occupants from outside.  

The downside to this type of pool fence is that prolonged exposure to sunlight will fade or yellow its color. It can also make it become brittle. 

Aluminum pool fence with decorative gate

Aluminum Fencing for Pools 

We know – aluminum pickets and rails don’t exactly hide your in-ground pool from view. However, when paired with existing or installed vegetation, an aluminum fence can provide privacy as well as security. 

Aluminum fences add modern ambiance to your pool setting. Durable and strong, aluminum offers the upscale look of a wrought iron fence without the downsides. It provides weather-resistant safety in an array of design choices. Further, aluminum resists rust and corrosion, making it a low-maintenance option. 

Aluminum is also a rackable material, meaning it’s easy to adjust to fit the topography of your lot. This prevents gaps at the bottom of the fence line, helping keep unwanted critters out of the pool area.  

If you live on a large lot, in a wooded setting, or are willing to install thick shrubs along your fence line, aluminum fencing can offer both elegance and privacy for your backyard oasis. 


Mix It Up  

If you can’t settle on one fencing style for your pool, try mixing things up. Depending on local codes and HOA restrictions, it’s possible to combine different materials and styles. For example, brick or stone columns with solid panels break up visual sameness.

You can also add tall hedges, masonry walls, or even structures like pergolas and gazebos to your pool area. These additions can help integrate your pool into the landscape. They can also provide needed shade while protecting swimmers’ privacy.

As long as your fence meets safety requirements, there’s almost no limit to the options for your pool fence.

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