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Why PVC Fencing is Taking Off!

The fencing trend among Atlanta homeowners seems to be ones made with PVC, also known in the scientific community as polyvinyl chloride. In the construction industry, it’s a material that is touted for its durability, low maintenance and will not rot.

For a very long time, man has been working to create materials that hold up better than natural materials in any condition. Researchers in Europe accidentally discovered PVC in the 1800’s. But it wasn’t until the 1900’s that it became used in industry.

pvc-combo-saddle-privacy-and-saddle-picket-1Today, PVC is commonly found on and around homes, such as trim, decks and fences. One important safety benefit is that PVC is extremely fire resistant. Additionally, PVC products look fantastic and stays that way a very long time – usually a lifetime.

While PVC is a bigger investment up front compared to wood, it’s one that keeps on giving. There’s no painting needed with vinyl products. It’s virtually has no maintenance other than hosing down the fence 1-2 times a year. PVC cleaner found at your local hardware or big box store can really help make your fence shine again. A soft scrub brush can work well on any tough stains.

PVC fences are made in a variety of styles and colors. And again, there’s no painting or staining after they are installed.

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