Residential Fencing


Residential Fence Installation Services

Whether you need a fence to secure your yard, establish a boundary, or keep your family and pets safe, First Fence of Georgia is there for you. From custom residential fencing solutions for unique property requirements to the repair of existing fences and gates, we work closely with homeowners to make sure their wants and needs for their yard are met. We also pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer service throughout the process from the initial proposal to the final installation

Reasons to Install Residential Fencing

A residential fence can serve many purposes. These are just a few



The most obvious function of a residential fence is to secure your property. If you’re a parent or pet owner, First Fence of Georgia understands that providing a safe place to play is a top priority. Residential fencing prevents children and pets from wandering away while keeping unwanted intruders away from your loved ones. Unlike “invisible fences” with wires buried under your lawn, this barrier of protection enables peace of mind. A professionally installed fence helps to safeguard you from property damage, trespassing, liability and more.


Maybe you have nearby neighbors or simply value privacy. Installing a residential fence helps establish and enforce boundaries. Certain types of residential fencing can inhibit outsiders from being able to see into your yard or the windows of your home. First Fence of Georgia offers a variety of privacy fence style options to help create the look you want. From the purely practical to the decorative, we’ll meet your privacy needs while ensuring the design complements your property


Architectural Enhancement

Even if security isn’t your main concern, a residential fence can help provide curb appeal and add value to your property. Your choice may include a charming picket fence, a stately ornamental steel fence, or a rustic ranch rail fence. The proper choice of fence material and style will provide protection for your landscaping and enhance the beauty of your home.

Whatever your reason for installing residential fencing,

First Fence of Georgia brings years of experience to guide you in making the best decision for your fence project.

Don't forget the gate

Whether for a walkway, driveway, pool or pasture, gates are an important part of your residential fencing needs. All of our fencing styles have the option for matching gates, beautifying your design while improving functionality. Our gates also have a variety of latching/locking mechanisms. Depending on the level of security you desire for your property, we offer choices ranging from easily accessible latches to keyed locks and automated openers. First Fence of Georgia’s knowledgeable consultants can assist you in choosing the right mechanism for your needs.
Choosing the Gate

Superior Craftsmanship, Safety, & Security

Choosing the right company for fence design and installation is a critical decision. You are spending a substantial amount of money to make a long-lasting improvement to your property. Since 2004, First Fence of Georgia has installed over 25,000 fences in metro Atlanta, each with a dedication to detail, quality materials, and service while offering the best value for the investment. You can browse our residential fencing photo gallery and commercial fencing photo gallery to see our finished product to determine which type of fencing might be right for you. We will provide custom design and certified installers to help bring your vision to life. With decades of combined experience, our consultants are knowledgeable and will help you feel confident you are making the right choice for your project.