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Spring Cleaning for Your Wood Fence

With the cold, hard winter weather soon drawing to a close, the time is just right for looking ahead to getting your wood fence in shape for the warm weather of spring and summer that’s just around the corner. Even though it hasn’t snowed or even iced up much in the Atlanta area this winter, you still need to make sure to keep your fence in good shape in order to extend its beauty and longevity.

Look it Over

Go out on a bright, sunny day and inspect both sides of your fence. While you may not know exactly what to look for, keep an eye out for obvious issues that need to be addressed. Issues such as warped or broken boards aren’t only unsightly, but they leave gaps and cracks that make it easier for rodents and other unwanted animals to enter your yard.

Put the Pressure On

Even if it doesn’t look like it, a wood fence can hold a layer of dirt and grime that slowly discolors it over time. Because you see it everyday, you may not realize the slow and steady discoloration that’s taking place. In addition, prolonged or frequent precipitation and moisture can also allow mold or algae to discolor the fence, especially close to the ground. For a quick spring clean, use a pressure washer to wash the fence thoroughly, making sure not to use hot water or overly-intense pressure that can damage the grain of the wood or its stain finish.

Professional Fence Maintenance

If you’d rather trust the necessary upkeep and maintenance of your fence to a professional with all the expertise that comes from installing over 20,000 fences throughout Atlanta and beyond, call the fence experts at First Fence of Georgia. Not only will First Fence install your residential or commercial fence, but they’ll also take the utmost care in maintaining your investment by repairing and replacing broken or warped boards and hardware before finishing it off with a professional layer of stain to preserve it for years to come.

For a free estimate from the premier fence provider in the Greater Metro Atlanta area, contact First Fence for your no-obligation consultation today!

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