The Beauty and Functionality of a Lattice Fence

plastic lattice fencing

If you have an outdoor space that needs improving, you might be thinking about a lattice fence. However, you’re probably asking questions wondering if it’s the best fencing style for your yard. 

What is the best way to use it? Is it expensive or durable? What is the best material? 

This blog explores the benefits of lattice fencing. Known for its versatile styles, lattice fences can do it all, adding a decorative and functional touch to your fence.  

The Origin of Lattice Fencing

The specific origin of a lattice is lost to history, but examples can be found back in ancient Greek and Roman times. One of the most famous uses of the lattice design is seen on The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. 

Designers and architects use the lattice style to beautify homes and gardens. By incorporating many different styles better suited for different climates and terrains, it is considered a classic style fit for any home. 

The Benefits of Lattice Fencing

When considering ways to improve your outside living spaces, adding a lattice fence adds visual appeal and decoration to an otherwise traditional-looking fence. 


Depending on the style of lattice and the material, the average cost is between $8 per linear foot, whereas wood fencing costs can be over $100 per linear foot. 


Lattice comes in a variety of materials so there are reasonable options to fit any budget. Traditionally, most lattice fences use wood as the primary material. However, vinyl, metal, and even bamboo are more popular and more durable than wood. 

The type of material depends on your budget when considering adding a lattice fence. 

Panel Style and Design

The most common style is a crisscross pattern creating a diamond or diagonal shape. Some additional styles include the square-hatch, spindle, horizontal, or open weave. 

From a design and aesthetic point of view, a lattice is an excellent option. 

It can be used in conjunction with all types of other materials to enhance your outdoor spaces with your own personality and flair. Although lattice will never be as durable as other solid materials, it can be used effectively no matter what you consider to be your main design objectives.  

Privacy Fencing

A true lattice fence does not provide much privacy. Depending on the placement of the slats, the spaces in between can be large or small. The larger the spaces, the more visibility. 

To improve privacy without taking away from the design, many people use climbing plants to beautifully accent the style. Climbing plants such as ivy or roses wrap around and through the spaces to support their growth. This minimizes the space in between and adds a sense of privacy using plants. 

Other Ways to Use a Lattice Fence

Lattice fencing can stand alone as a fence structure or added as a decorative style to an existing fence. Some examples include: 

  • Fence Topper 
  • Roof of Gazebo 
  • Garden Gate 
  • Add to a Trellis 
wooden fence with green, lawn and trees

Ideas to Incorporate a Lattice Fence

Now that you know a little bit more about lattice fences, here are some creative ideas to incorporate this timeless style into your space. 

  • Create a low gate out of lattice around smaller garden beds 
  • Build a Trellis for trailing foliage 
  • Pain your lattice fence to match the fence 
  • A lattice fence with larger openings extends the visual line creating the illusion of a larger space 
  • Build an Archway of lattice panels between fence sections to differentiate parts of your yard 
  • Define the different sections of your yard using lattice separators 
  • Use lattice panels as a privacy screen around small or large patios 
  • Build a lattice tunnel with climbing foliage to create a cool shady green walkway 

In Summary

Lattice fences are a cost-effective alternative to traditional fencing without completely losing your privacy when used thoughtfully. 

Regardless of how you use your lattice fence, the possibilities are endless. Whether it is deck skirting, a divider, or a decorative accent for a landscape, it is highly customizable to your needs and your budget.  

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