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What to Consider When Choosing Material for a New Fence

If you’re a homeowner in Greater Metro Atlanta and you’re looking for a relatively simple and affordable home improvement project that adds great value but doesn’t entail tearing up the inside of the house for the next few months, a professionally installed fence may be the perfect addition. Besides the security, protection, and privacy that a fence provides, a fence also creates a definite boundary designed to help keep what you want in while also keeping the unwanted elements out.


Just as there are many benefits to fence installation, there are also many different fence types and materials to choose from to suit your specific project. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best fence material for your home.


Why Do You Want a Fence?

Even though this may sound like a silly question, it’s perhaps one of the most important. Knowing why you want a fence will help you better understand what the fence must provide. For example, if you want privacy, a wooden or PVC fence will provide more privacy than a chain link fence. If you’re looking to boost property value, perhaps an ornamental fence made of aluminum, composite, or steel would add form, as well as function.


How Much Maintenance Does It Need?

Maintenance is an important factor to consider because most homeowners simply don’t want to worry with the ongoing cost and labor needed to keep the fence looking great. Oftentimes homeowners’ associations require proper care and upkeep regarding exterior elements of the home, so a fence that requires as little maintenance as possible is a benefit to the homeowner. From a maintenance standpoint, wood fencing requires the most care, as it needs to be stained or repainted every few years, in addition to the occasional pressure washing to keep it clean. While other materials such as vinyl and aluminum are easier to care for and require less maintenance, they tend to be more expensive to install and more difficult to repair in sections, if needed. Wood fences are easier to repair, in such instances. The fence pros at First Fence of Georgia are more than happy to sit down with you to go over the different types of fencing materials and the pros and cons of each in order to help you determine what’s important to you.


How Much Will It Cost?

Another important factor to consider is the budget for your project. Often the driving decision in such matters, it’s important to understand the cost of installation of the different types of fence materials when compared to the overall lifetime cost of the fence. In other words, some fences that cost the least to have installed may cost more to maintain over its lifetime. First Fence of Georgia offers convenient, low-cost financing options with affordable monthly payments through Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions to ensure that your budget and your project are both on the same page.


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