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Wood Fence Staining and Restoration

Wooden fences are great for providing privacy, sheltering an area from windy, and for easily identifying property lines. They are also highly susceptible to warping, rot, and general weathering due to their continual exposure to natures’s elements. Residential and commercial wood fence owners need to protect their new fences and keep in mind that restoration and staining are crucial forms of continual maintenance.


New Fence Staining

You should always stain a new wood fence. This will not only protect it, but the stain can also boost its overall aesthetic appeal resulting in a fresh, polished look. We suggest staining 1-2 months after installation to allow the new wood to fully dry.


Fence Restoration Services

If your fence has begun to look dark and weathered or has damaged areas in need of repair, it is time to schedule restoration services. At First Fence, our services include replacing warped and cracked pickets, correcting nail pops, and fixing gates. We also clean the fence to remove any dirt, mildew, pollutants, and chalking before staining to protect and beautify the wood. If section repairs are necessary, we are able to match your existing wood using aged lumber that we set aside specifically for this purpose, rather than brand new “wet” lumber which can take several weeks to dry out/cure.


Trust First Fence for All Your Fencing Needs

With over 15 years of experience and over 20,000 fence installations performed, you can rest assured that First Fence of Georgia is your best choice for your fence staining and restoration. You are guaranteed long-lasting, professional results while we focus on keeping your fence staining service as simple, affordable, and stress-free as possible. From installation of a new fence to restoring existing wood ones, First Fence of Georgia is a full service turnkey fence company that can take care of all your fencing needs. We offer quality installation and protection from weathering, wear, and damage for commercial and residential fence types, including:

Aluminum fences

Steel fences

Composite fences

PVC fences

Wood fences


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