10 Captivating Wood Fence Styles for Your Property

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Wood fencing is a great option for offering an added bit of privacy to one’s home. Wooden fencing can provide a refreshing combination of privacy and aesthetic appeal to your front yard or garden. One of the great things about wood fences is their wide variety of wood fence styles. They range from simple rustic designs to carefully engineered modern configurations. 

There are many types of fences to choose from, with different looks, levels of privacy, strength, and construction time. With so many fence options, it can be hard to figure out where to start. That’s why we’ve assembled a list of ten captivating wood fence styles for your property. Let’s dive in. 

Picket – Tried and True 

White picket fence backyard pool

Picket fences are a tried and true choice. If you like classic or board on board fence style, a picket design is perfect for a classic curb appeal. To extend the longevity of the material, pressure treated wood is a good alternative. This wood contains chemicals protecting the wood from termites, decay, and weather conditions. 

You can paint picket fences in a wide range of colors. From classic white to sleek, modern-looking black which complements the greenery and landscape. Alternately, using wood stains to emulate red cedar or other wood types achieves this look without high costs. 

Shadowbox – Privacy and Airflow 

Shadowbox Fence

Shadowbox fencing is another favorite to balance openness and privacy. With a shadowbox fence, the fence panels alternate vertically on opposite sides of the fence rail. The space in between the wood planks allow air to flow through simultaneously block direct view through the panels. You get the best of both worlds with a shadowbox design; privacy and airflow. 

This is an excellent option if looking to not confine outdoor spaces but wish to maintain a sense of privacy. 

Post and Rail – Rustic and Open 

Similar to picket fences, post and rail fences let plenty of light and air through. They offer a beautiful rustic aesthetic evoking a peaceful sense of rural charm. Post and rail fences have simple yet efficient, widely spaced vertical and horizontal lines. 

Upward posts hold together rails that run along the length of the fence. These fences will work well to mark spaces such as property lines or a backyard, but without obstructing the view much. 

Lattice – Perfect for Greenery

Lattice fences are an excellent way to add some character to a fence. Their decorative appeal is a great fit for gardens to intertwine thick or thin vines between the spaces. Typically, lattice panels line the top of standard posts to add an eye-catching element to a fence. Considering its decorative appeal, they offer little to no privacy unless partnered with solid privacy panels. 

Louvered – Modern and Beautiful 

Louvered fences often offer stunning visual appeal, combining privacy and light allowance in a sleek, modern, contemporary design. One of the most impressive capabilities of louvered fences is that to allow through plenty of air while effectively obstructing view. This makes them an excellent combination of privacy and airflow. Louvered fences are often an excellent complement to green landscaping, creating a modern, curated appearance. 

Louvered Vinyl Fence, modern wood fence style

Basketweave – Unique and Private 

Basket weave fences, as their name indicates, appear visually similar to a woven basket. These semi-flexible planks of wood weave back and forth in front of and behind the support posts. The uniqueness of basketweave fences allow for some transfer of light and air through the fence. The horizontal styles of these semi-private fence types are sturdy with extreme visual impact and longevity. 

Pallet – Sustainable Rustic Charm 

Pallet fences combine practicality, functionality, and rustic charm. They are simply fences made up of freight pallets. This sustainable practice can offer used pallets a second life where they can serve a second purpose as a fence. 

Pallet fences can be highly cost-effective as well as visually appealing. Perfect for gardens and sectioning off small outdoor areas, they offer an impressive rustic charm. 

Herringbone pattern – Gorgeous and Private 

Herringbone pattern fence, interesting wood fence styles

People often use the herringbone pattern in tiling, and it also looks great in fences. Herringbone is a pattern of proportional rectangles. Perpendicular rectangles flush with one another in alternating diagonal directions. 

It’s similar to the chevron pattern, except the ends of rectangles in herringbone pattern, flush against the side of other rectangles. Rather than the ends set together at a 45-degree angle. On fences, the herringbone pattern looks gorgeous and offers superior privacy at the cost of diminished light and airflow. 

Final Thoughts

While all fencing materials have advantages and disadvantages, you can never go wrong with natural wood fences. The beauty of wood fencing is so varied; the types of wood fences to choose from are virtually endless. 

Get a modern and clean look with a louvered fence that lets in light and air while still maintaining privacy. Wood fencing can give you a rustic and open look. It can also provide uncompromised views and clearly define outdoor spaces. One example of this is a post and rail design. 

Many wood fence styles can separate outdoor areas, provide privacy, look nice, and more. If you need assistance with your wood fencing project in Atlanta, GA, First Fence is available to help. If you’re in the market for other types of fencing — from aluminum or steel to PVC or composite — we’ve got you covered. Reach out to get in contact today. 

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