Elevate Your Home's Design with Modern Fencing Styles

modern fencing horizontal slats

Owning a home comes with quite a few perks; one of the best is having a backyard that you can fix up however you wish. Whether it’s a lush lawn with nothing but your BBQ pit or you have a giant garden surrounding a gazebo, it likely reflects your style and preferences.

However, one aspect that many overlook is the yard’s fencing. Do you have a simple cyclone or old-fashioned wooden privacy fence? Do you have a front yard fence that adds to the home’s curb appeal? Either way, does it look like modern fencing that compliments your home and elevates its design?

These days, there are a lot of fencing options and as such, virtually everyone can find a type of fence that matches both their’s and the home’s style. From a simple garden fence or a classic white picket fence to a custom wrought iron fence that will blow your visitors away, there’s something for everyone.

If your fence style is underwhelming, you’re buying a new home, or you just want something different, check out the fence ideas below. Chances are pretty good that at least one of them will catch your eye.

Before Choosing Your Fence​

There are several things you have to consider before you even start looking for the perfect fence style. When it comes to city or county ordinances, as well as HOAs and neighborhood guidelines, every area is different. The last thing you want to happen is having to tear down your new timber fence because only certain materials are allowed.

Then, of course, you need to evaluate your privacy needs and any security concerns. Are the neighbors far enough away that a lattice fence will cover it or do you need a fencing option that completely keeps out prying eyes?

Getting the answers to these questions can help ensure that you know your fencing options and avoid pitfalls that could turn the whole project into a giant headache.

Popular and Modern Fencing Styles

When it comes to your fence design, consider these top options:

Horizontal Slats

If you prefer a minimalist approach that preserves privacy while still looking sleek, horizontal slat fencing could be your answer. It’ll look great juxtaposed with your lawn and it goes perfectly with modern home designs.
Horizontal Fence

Eco-Friendly Alternative

If you try to practice sustainability whenever you can, there are fences made from eco-friendly composite materials such as single-use plastic that are repurposed into high-quality composite products. One of the best features of this option is that it is resistant to termites, fungus, bacteria, moisture, mold, and color fade.

Chevron Fence

If you like to be unique, check out Chevron privacy fence ideas that you can DIY over your existing fence, but see a professional if you want to get the best-looking designs.
Herringbone pattern fence

Wrought Iron

A wrought iron fence is not only durable, it can be quite beautiful and complement your home quite nicely. This type of modern fencing allows those nice spring and fall breezes to flow through the yard while also helping to protect your property.

Contemporary Style

For a contemporary edge, you’ll want to check out industrial metal fencing. This is typically one of the more durable and heavy fence options out there and when installed professionally, looks fantastic.


Another popular modern fencing idea is a climbers-wall fence because it has great-looking latticework that is perfect for climbing flowers, vines, and vegetables. Imagine a fence where every few feet is a different color of Morning Glories and you’ll start to get the picture of the possibilities.

Living Fence

If you want to take the nature look to the next level, take a look at living fences. Also known as hedgerows or windbreaks, living fences are made of plants, shrubs, and/or trees that will add a touch of green to any yard.

Gabion Style

Conversely, a gabion wall not only looks great, it’s an extremely sturdy and durable option. Made from retaining wire that’s usually filled with stones like local rocks or cobblestones, a gabion wall is the perfect way to complement rock gardens and stone paths.


Modern fencing offers more than just a border for your property; it can significantly boost your home’s aesthetic. Considering the array of styles available, there’s bound to be one that flawlessly syncs with your home’s architecture and your personal taste. Choosing the right one means you can enjoy both privacy and style for years to come.

If you’re ready to turn your yard into a private oasis, check out our line of privacy fences and see what catches your eye. You may be surprised.

If you’d like to see your privacy fence ideas come to life at the hands of professionals, contact First Fence of Georgia and let us show you what we can do. 

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