The Pros of Polyvinyl Chloride Fences and What to Consider

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Fences are ideal for safeguarding your property and adding extra style and value to your home. However, with the variety of fencing materials available, choosing the right one for your home is inevitably challenging. While you might be drawn to a traditional wood fence, this is far from your only option for fencing for your home. 

One excellent option is a polyvinyl chloride fence, also known as a PVC fence. These fences are attractive for many reasons. They are a wonderful addition to your home’s exterior—but what makes them worth considering? 

What are Polyvinyl Chloride Fences?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a plastic-based industrial material known for its high strength and versatility. PVC is one of the main ingredients used to make vinyl fencing. Generally, professionals use PVC and vinyl interchangeably, so there is no real difference between the two. 

As fencing material, PVC is an economical option for homeowners looking to add a fence to their property. The sleek and modern look of vinyl panels makes for a practical and attractive fence for any yard. 

Vinyl fences offer various benefits compared to other fence panels such as wood or picket fences. The advantages include: 

Comparison between wood and vinyl fencing.


First and foremost, a polyvinyl chloride fence offers extreme durability. It can withstand harsh weather conditions that some materials might not be equipped to handle. Some examples include high winds, torrential downpours, or other natural occurrences. 

With five times the tensile strength of wood, four times the flexibility, and a lifespan of up to 30 years, there’s no doubting the strength PVC fences offer homeowners. Above all else, if you’re seeking a durable fence, these fences are hard to beat. 


Another notable benefit of PVC fences is that they are incredibly low-maintenance, removing the hard work you might need to invest in other types of fence materials. While a wood fence is prone to warping, cracking, and deteriorating over time, PVC fencing can be installed and left, with minimal maintenance, such as routine cleaning, required occasionally. 

When you choose a PVC fence, you eliminate the need for constant, time-consuming maintenance and can rest comfortably knowing your fence protects your home while making it look its best. 

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

For the environmentally conscious homeowner, an eco-friendly fencing material is paramount. Luckily, polyvinyl chloride fences are an incredibly eco-friendly option. These fences are created with recycled materials and are recyclable – so when you’ve had your fill, you can feel confident that your PVC fence will be put to good use elsewhere. 

Along with an eco-friendly composition, PVC fences don’t require chemical preservatives for maintenance, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint practically. These fences won’t break down and release chemicals into the surrounding environment, so you never have to worry about whether your home is eco-friendly. 

Wide Range of Designs

Not all fences will match your aesthetic vision for your home – but PVC fences are sure to give you enough options to meet your expectations. There are many types of vinyl fence styles, from picket fences to post-and-rail and more. 

Additionally, these fences come in many colors and have various add-ons and accents to style your fence to your liking. When you choose a PVC fence over a traditional material like wood, you give yourself no shortage of options to experiment with before you find your perfect match. 


One of the biggest downsides of a wood fence is that it’s prone to attracting insects, such as termites, that can cause extreme damage to your property. A PVC fence won’t attract insects, significantly reducing the time spent maintaining your fence. 

Because these fences don’t attract insects, you can also ensure they’re safer for the environment – no insects means no need for harmful pesticides that taint the surrounding area. 

PVC Fences Won’t Splinter

Another massive benefit of PVC fences compared to other options is that they won’t splinter – meaning they aren’t only low-maintenance but also safer than other materials. For families with pets and children, having a fence that doesn’t splinter is an invaluable advantage that will save them significant time and stress. 

Secure and Private

If one of your main concerns with your home’s fencing is its security and privacy, a polyvinyl chloride fence is one of your best options. These fences provide ample security to protect your property, with robust panels that make it challenging for intruders to penetrate. Many homeowners boost their fence’s security by adding locks, keypads, and other solutions. 

Beyond their security, PVC fences offer privacy that not all fence materials can provide. Whether you’re looking for full or partial protection from onlookers, a polyvinyl chloride fence will give you exactly what you want. These fences can also reduce noise pollution – making them a well-rounded option with all the security features you need to live comfortably. 

PVC fencing provides enhanced security

Are There Any Downsides to Polyvinyl Chloride Fences?

While the benefits of polyvinyl chloride fences seem endless, it’s important to consider whether there are any notable downsides before making your decision. The only notable possible downside is their cost—because of their numerous benefits over traditional wood fences, polyvinyl chloride fences are typically more expensive than their counterparts. 

However, while cost is a big consideration for many homeowners, the benefits of PVC fences significantly outweigh the cost. Since these fences are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance, you may spend less on a PVC fence than a wood fence over time. 

Additionally, when you choose a trustworthy fencing provider, you can guarantee you get a reasonable price on your PVC fence. Providers like First Fence of Georgia offer PVC fences at an affordable rate, so you reap the benefits without breaking the bank. 

Find Reliable PVC Fences From First Fence of Georgia

Choosing a fencing company you can trust ensures you love your home’s newest addition. First Fence of Georgia provides fences in various materials and designs to fit your aesthetic and meet your fencing needs. 

From PVC fences to steel, wood, and more, First Fence of Georgia has exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more about our PVC fences or request an instant online quote to start your fencing journey. 

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