Functional Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Backyard

wooden privacy fence with lattice top for backyard

Ask 10 homeowners in the North Atlanta area and you’re liable to get 10 different privacy fence ideas. Owning a home comes with numerous perks and depending on where you previously lived, a nice backyard may be one of the biggest ones. 

Having a backyard has a list of perks especially for people who love the outdoors. Whether it’s planting in a garden or using your outdoor kitchen to host BBQs and other events, are just some of the benefits. 

Unlike regular chain link and picket fences, privacy fences are designed to conceal your backyard while acting as a barrier between your property and everything outside. For many, you envision the age-old-classic wooden slat fences when you think of privacy fences. 

When in fact, there are several types that you can utilize to make your fence design match the overall aesthetic of your yard and style. With that in mind, we collected this reference guide with some fence design ideas and options that could be perfect for you. 

What Are the Best Materials for Privacy Fences?

1. Wood

Versatile, strong, and beautiful, you can paint or stain them any color you like and if you take care of them, they’re a great investment that will last for years to come. 

2. Vinyl

Strong, easy to clean, rot resistant, and not prone to pests. 

Louvered Vinyl Fence

3. Metal

Generally made from iron or aluminum. Classic material and extremely sturdy. 

4. Composite

Made from a mixture of wood fibres and plastic that has the strength of wood but isn’t prone to its drawbacks. 

Brown Composite Fence

Remember, the best material for your privacy fence depends on your needs. Consider how you can satisfy your privacy and stylistic needs. 

Privacy Fence Ideas

1. Make a vertical garden on your fence by either building plant holders into the fence or attaching window boxes. This privacy fencing idea is perfect for people living in cities who want more space for plants but even if you have a big yard, a fence full of plants can look beautiful. 

planters with colorful flowers on the side of a dark brown privacy fence

2. Trellis fences can be made of metal, wood, or vinyl and have a crisscross design good for climbing plants and bushes. If you have a small patio, this privacy fence idea is perfect.

3. Want the look of an ivy fence without the trouble of plants growing everywhere? Try faux foliage. You can easily tie this onto your fence using garden wire. Best part? No maintenance required.

4. You can make a privacy fence out of old wooden shipping pallets. One way is to take the pallets apart and use the wood. The other way is to use the whole pallets as they are for a more rustic look. It’s up to you if you want to leave the wood as is or apply paint. 

Privacy Pallet Fence

5. If you’re a fan of all things natural, a tree fence might be just right for you. You can either plant fully-grown trees or grow them from saplings. Fast-growing trees like “Green Giant” arborvitaes, Arizona cypresses, or Japanese cedars are a good option. Keep in mind that a tree fence grown from scratch won’t give you instant privacy – it’ll take some time to grow. 

6. If you want your house and front yard to flow together nicely, try painting your wooden fence the same color as your shutters and/or trim. A simple trick to make sure your yard and house are akin to each other. 


A new privacy fence is a fun project that can personalize your yard and provide the desired privacy. Whether you choose wood, metal, bamboo, or recycled materials, keep those cool ideas like vertical gardens and faux foliage to make your fence unique and stylish. 

If you’d like to see your privacy fence ideas come to life at the hands of professionals, contact First Fence of Georgia and let us show you what we can do. 

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