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Steel fencing is a popular choice for homeowners and commercial projects due to a number of factors. A steel fence has many benefits that set it apart. When installing a new fence or replacing an old one, the choice of fencing material is one of the most important decisions you face. Each type of material has advantages and disadvantages.

These include maintenance, life span, and the cost of installation. You also must consider whether it’s the right fence for your site, and if it meets neighborhood codes.

Commercial spear top metal fence

Advantages of Steel Fencing


Some homeowners or commercial property developers require a higher degree of protection. If you’re looking for fencing material that can provide both security and curb appeal, steel is a great option.

Steel is a ferrous material. It will naturally rust over time. However, the galvanizing process involves coating the base metal in a layer of zinc. That means a galvanized steel fence is not prone to rust.

Similarly, powder coating protects steel from the elements. It uses an electrostatic process to cure dry powder using heat. It’s another option for preventing rust and making steel more durable.

Further, steel is fire-resistant, wind-resistant, and quite strong. Because it’s so durable, a steel fence is generally a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

Does Not Corrode Easily in Harsh Environments:

We all know that the South can come with extremes of heat and humidity. In the past, this harsh environment meant deterioration of metal fencing.

However, the advances mentioned above dramatically improved durability. Modern steel fence products can withstand almost anything the Southern climate throws at it.

Extra Security:

Given its core strength, steel is very difficult to cut through. This makes it a natural choice for security-conscious homeowners and high-traffic commercial properties.

Similarly, it’s ideal in community areas such as neighborhood swimming pools. It’s a great choice for any location where security/safety is a concern. 

Timeless Curb Appeal:

Ornamental steel is also a superb alternative to wrought iron fencing. It fulfills a similar decorative role. Available in a variety of colors and design options, there’s a steel fence to fit almost any residential or commercial style.

If you’re looking for a “wow” factor in addition to heightened security, First Fence of Georgia’s decorative steel options are a great, long-lasting choice.


One of the most beneficial aspects of steel fencing is rackability. Rackability is the ability to follow the slope or grade of the ground.

Rackable steel fence panels provide a smoother and more secure fence line than their stair-stepped counterparts. The steel pickets can be adjusted so that they each connect with the ground on uneven terrain.

In short, that means fewer gaps, and better security.

Quick Installation:

Steel fence panels are surprisingly easy to install. Like aluminum fencing, the holes and fasteners are pre-drilled, saving time. Because it’s rackable, it’s also readily adaptable to grade changes.

Easy to Add Gates:

Steel fencing comes with multiple design options for garden and automatic driveway gates as well. This provides the security of a fully fenced property with ease of access. You can enter or exit your property with the simple push of a button.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Most steel fences come with a limited lifetime warranty. This protects your investment, giving you greater peace of mind.

Steel Fence Components:

Like other fencing types, steel fences are made up of standard components, with room for customization.


This is the vertical part of the fence that’s anchored into the ground, often with concrete.


These horizontal bars connect fence posts, provide a place to attach pickets, and add stability to the overall structure.


Thin vertical bars, steel pickets can be plain or feature decorative elements like twists, scrolls, or baskets.


This is the decorative top of a picket. Spears are the most popular, but options include balls, fleur de lis, pineapples and more.


A fence panel is the sum of the entire fence structure between posts. 8 ft is the standard width for most steel fences.

If you’re unsure if steel fencing is right for you, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help. We can also answer questions about other materials, design options, and installation procedures. Schedule a consultation, or call us at 770-422-9996