Commercial Fencing

When it comes to your business, we mean business. And so do our fences.

Atlanta Commercial Fencing Services

First Fence of Georgia assists in the planning, design and construction of all types of commercial fencing projects throughout Atlanta and the Southeast region. With almost two decades in business, we have extensive experience with commercial businesses, distribution facilities, manufacturing plants, government projects, schools, housing complexes and more. First Fence of Georgia is dedicated to helping provide maximum protection for your commercial property.

Commercial Fencing with Superior Craftsmanship, Safety And Security

Choosing the right company for fence design and installation is an important decision. You are spending a substantial amount of money to make a long-lasting improvement to your property. Since 2004, First Fence of Georgia has installed over 25,000 fences, each with a dedication to detail, quality materials, and service, and offering the best value for the investment. You can browse our photo gallery to see our finished product and determine which type of fencing might be right for you. We will provide custom design and certified installers to help bring your vision to life.

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Fencing

Whatever the nature of your business or industry, First Fence of Georgia recognizes that there are common needs that must be addressed for any commercial fencing project.

Fence types. Commercial fencing. Black metal fence with brick columns

The primary purpose of a good commercial fence is to limit access to the property to only those who are authorized to be there. Security fences for business are the first and most effective deterrent to keeping unwanted visitors from trespassing.

Is your business located in the heart of a busy city? Do you deal with the manufacturing or distribution of sensitive materials? Or perhaps you have residents or workers who need to be shielded from prying eyes. There are multiple reasons why commercial projects might require privacy, and a fence great and affordable way to ensure privacy.

Some commercial properties contain safety hazards like heavy equipment, pools, electrical apparatus and machinery that could result in injury or death if tampered with. Because an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure, installing a fence helps keep both the public and your business safe.

Beyond security and privacy concerns, fencing can improve the appearance of your property. Construction sites, factories, and other commercial endeavors can sometimes have unsightly areas that detract from the property’s appearance. The right type of fence can conceal those areas and make the overall business more aesthetically appealing.

Commercial Fencing Industry Sectors

When it comes to commercial fencing, First Fence of Georgia has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to tackle any project you might have. Several of our projects have exceeded $500,000. Our list of industry sectors includes:

General contractors

Multifamily developments

Homeowners Associations



Public Utilities


Cities & Counties

Securing your property with a quality custom commercial fence is our top priority.