Absolutely! We inventory approximately $500,000 in many different fence products including wood, galvanized and vinyl chain link, aluminum, hundreds of fence hardware items, etc Our material sales associates are also trained to assist our customers in understanding fence installation techniques.

With the exception of a few extremely cold days, we are fortunate that we can install fences in Georgia all year round.

The term “wrought iron” is a generic term used for decorative metal Wrought iron fences are basically a thing of the past with few custom applications. Today, aluminum and steel products are commonly used in place of wrought iron. These products are maintenance free and have a lifetime warranty. We offer a full line of aluminum and steel fencing and estate gates.

We have a commercial fence division that works throughout the Southeastern United States for many different developers and general contractors. Some of our commercial fence projects exceed $500,000. We are insured and bondable to handle almost any commercial fence project.

We handle repairs in a case-by-case basis depending on size, location,scope of work. Please call us to discuss your specific project.

First Fence of Georgia installs many different types of fences for both residential and commercial customers.  There are many factors that impact installation time frames.  The type of fence, length, site conditions and weather are only a few of the factors.  Generally, a typical residential fence installation takes 1-5 business days to install.

First Fence believes in servicing our customers when it is convenient for them. Although our office is not open on the weekends, we do schedule our Estimators on Saturdays to meet with our clients to provide free estimates.

We believe in giving you the most value possible for your fence project. Since using a price per foot is designed to protect fence companies in a worst case scenario, using price per foot often penalizes many customers that frankly deserve better.  We take the time to calculate each proposal on its own merit thus allowing us to be as competitive as possible for our clients.  Beware of companies that use price per foot!

Our company has installed over 20,000 fences since we opened our doors so we are very good at it.  On the other hand, we have never surveyed a property.  We jokingly say that a fence is not like a couch…we cannot slide it over to a different location once installed.  We install fences based on where the customers instruct us to place the fence.  We recommend our customers contract with a licensed land surveyor to locate the property pins unless they are 100% sure of their property lines.  We cannot be held responsible should any portion of the fence be installed outside of the property lines.

First Fence of Georgia has teamed up with Wells Fargo to offer financing options with approved credit which gives you special promotional offers, revolving lines of credit, Quick credit decisions, convenient monthly payments to fit your budget, and an easy to use online bill payment options. 

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