Many people really don’t know the difference between painting and staining a wood fence. You might think they essentially do the same thing – add color and protect the fence. This much is true, however there are an array of reasons why staining a fence is a much better long-term option than painting. 

Benefits of Staining a Wood Fence

At First Fence of Georgia, we recommend Wood Defender Stain. After a lot of research and vetting for the best product for our customers, we found many benefits in using Wood Defender.

Why Wood Defender? 

 Does Wood Defender Make Solid Colors in Stain? 

When selecting a color, it’s best if a customer chooses from physical hand-outs as these colors will be more accurate than ones seen on computer and phone screens. However, you can get a feel for your color options online to obtain a sense of what you want. 
It is HIGHLY recommended that you use the semi transparent stain on pressure treated surfaces – pressure treated pine (PTP). Cedar is not pressure treated. So, if you are looking for a natural transparent look for your cedar fence that is just fine. Otherwise, PTP fences need semi-transparent stain and it does have some color. 
First Fence of Georgia is a full service turnkey fence company. We can take care of all your fencing needs from installation of a new fence to repairing and staining wood fences as part of our restoration process. We are proud to offer Wood Defender Staining Products. Call today for your FREE staining quote. 770-422-9996.