How To Choose The Right Fence Gate

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A fence is designed to keep pets and kids in – or unwanted intruders and pests out. But regardless of your fencing objectives, you need to have a way to access or exit your fenced-in area. That’s where a gate comes in.

Gate designs vary according to both style and purpose. They can be unobtrusive or highly decorative, depending upon your style and your needs. Given the large variety of design options, choosing a gate can sometimes be overwhelming. The fencing professionals at First Fence of Georgia are dedicated to helping our customers make the best possible choice. So, let’s get started with an overview of gate types, uses, materials, and special features

Types Of Gates

  • SWING GATES: Swing gates are exactly what the name implies – they swing outward or inward on hinges. Swing gates are the standard gate type for most fences designed to admit people on foot in both residential and commercial settings.
  • ROLLING GATES: These gates slide back from the opening on a track embedded in the hard surface of the driveway or foot path that they secure.
  • CANTILEVER GATES: Similar to a rolling gate, cantilever gates slide back from the opening. However, they use rollers tucked behind the fencing, keeping the gate suspended so that it doesn’t need a track.

Gate Uses

  • FOOT TRAFFIC: Allowing people or pets to pass into or out of a fenced-in area is the most common gate usage in residential settings. Whether it’s a pool, a backyard, a garden, or the entire property that’s fenced, a gate is a necessary part of your system.
  • DRIVEWAY/VEHICULAR TRAFFIC: Some residences, communities, and commercial areas opt to have driveway gates to secure their property from unauthorized visitors. These gates are almost always automated, allowing access through the use of a remote, a keypad, or a sensor.
  • LIVESTOCK: Keeping livestock within the fenced boundaries of a farm or ranch is important for their safety and that of the people around them. However, caretakers and sometimes large equipment such as tractors need to be able to access that space. Farm gates need to be strong enough to stand up to the potential damage caused by heavy animals, but light enough to be easily open and shut.

Fence Gate Materials

Gates can be fashioned from any type of fencing material, and usually match both the material and design of your fence. Often, they blend almost seamlessly with the fence itself, especially when the primary function is to restrict or secure access.

Special Features

Automated Fence Gate Systems:

We briefly touched on automated gates, but how exactly do they work?

Automated gate systems are comprised of a motor-driven opener and the gate itself. They can be constructed from almost any fencing material, but aluminum and steel are the most common. Automated gates are frequently installed over driveways as a way of controlling vehicular access to your property. They help provide an extra layer of security for your home or your business.

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