Restoration of Old Steel Bridge in McCaysville

McCaysville Bridge

Located in McCaysville, Georgia lies a historic steel bridge connecting twin cities in Georgia and Tennessee. The Old Steel Bridge was built in 1911 and sits atop The Toccoa River (in Georgia) otherwise known as the Ocoee River to Tennesseans. McCaysville is a city with a rich history dating back to the Cherokee Native Americans and mining operations later in the 1900s. Today, the Old Steel Bridge is a staple of the two cities with mysterious stories in connection to its longevity and location. This historic monument continues to bring hundreds of tourists to the Blue Ridge area every year.

Decision to Rebuild by McCaysville Officials

In 2021, The Old Steel Bridge reached 100 years since being built. It’s argued that the bridge’s original construction date was 1911, others say 1936. Regardless, the bridge is an antique still standing!

Over the years, McCaysville officials monitored the deteriorating state of the bridge. With significant decay of the original wood underneath the asphalt, the final verdict led to the decision to repair several parts of the bridge. Some of the adjustments include lifting the old decking, incorporating pressure-treated lumber, and pedestrian sidewalks — amounting to about two months’ worth of repairs.

Mccaysville Bridge Construction

Safety First

Before construction began, First Fence of Georgia partnered with town officials to install safety fencing. This process included placing a chain link fence with gated openings surrounding both sides of the bridge. The fenced area ensures the safety of the workers and residents. Only authorized personnel can enter and exit the construction zone. With the gates in place, the bridge is all set for a much-needed makeover.

The Old Steel Bridge is set to reopen the first week of April. Currently, it is closed to all vehicle and foot traffic during the construction period. During the slowest tourist months, this was the perfect opportunity to repair this historic landmark. We’re extremely honored First Fence of Georgia could be a part of it!

steel bridge in McCaysville

A Special Thanks

We want to thank the residents of McCaysville, Georgia for considering First Fence of Georgia as their first choice for this project. Not every day we get to be a part of history in the making! Most importantly, we want to thank our team members for their craftsmanship and smooth installation process. As a company, we believe in the power of preparation, knowledge, and the highest quality of customer service. Dedicated to providing the best for the best!

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