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Professional Fence Installation and Access Control

Nowadays, it seems that not a single day goes by without hearing something about how important it is to protect ourselves from online threats. Whether it’s our finances, identity, or online activity, we understand how important it is that we try to stay a step ahead of those who seek to steal from us or do us harm in some fashion. The same can also be said about safeguarding ourselves from physical threats and harm in the real world; from those seeking to steal or destroy our belongings and cause us physical harm or worse.


Keeping Threats Out

For as long as there have been humans in the world, we’ve used walls and barriers to keep harm away from us, granting us safety and protection from external threats. Not only are barriers, fences, and walls still your first line of defense if you’re a home or business owner, but technology has made them even more effective at keeping the people inside their bounds safe and keeping unwanted visitors out. If you’ve been considering a professional security fence or (even better) a gate with access control, there are a few things to consider as you navigate your options.



The first aspect of any fence installation should be to consider where you want it. Since fences are usually used to mark the boundaries of a property, it’s important to first determine the legal property lines and where the fence is allowed to be. Speaking of legalities, it’s also important to determine how high you want your fence to be while also being careful not to exceed the maximum height allowed by your local zoning authority.


Fence Material

Choosing the material for your fence is easily the most important decision you’ll make in the entire project. Not only will the fence material you choose dictate the strength, durability, and aesthetic appearance of the fence, but it also affects the budget for the project. Steel and aluminum fences are always great options because of their relative strength, easy maintenance, and affordability, all of which are strong driving factors in the project.


Controlled Access

An extra layer of protection and convenience is the ability to grant access – either by key fob or numeric code – to a select group of people via access points or a gated driveway. While this makes easy sense for a business and its employees, it’s also a great way to protect the loved ones that call your house home.


They’re Called Professionals for a Reason

Fence installations of this magnitude are certainly not DIY projects, by any means. With so many different aspects that require urgent attention and consideration, it’s easy to see why it’s best to leave such a project to a professional fence installer like First Fence of Georgia. From the details of planning and permitting, all the way to completion, the pros at First Fence know how to get the job done on-time and on-budget.


For information on how we can help you with a professionally installed fence for your home or business contact one of our friendly and helpful estimators for a FREE, no-obligation consultation today.