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Choose First Fence of Georgia for your DIY Needs

If you’re a skilled DIYer, building your own fence for your home or business may be a welcome challenge. But don’t head straight for those “big box” home improvement stores to get your fence
components! First Fence of Georgia has a Materials Division that’s a great resource for DIYers, in addition to our fence installation services.

We offer DIYers several different types of fencing, including aluminum, chain link, steel and PVC. If you’re looking for these types of fences in a traditional store, it could take up to 4 weeks to order and have everything delivered to your home. However, we have over $500,000 worth of specialty products at ALL times in our warehouse. Although we do not sell wood fences directly to consumers, we are happy to help you with any materials or installation questions you may have. We will also put together a list of materials you’ll need to build your fence, from posts to nails to cement. Just stop by our Materials Division with a layout of your yard and our experts will make sure you get the right type of fence and components for your needs.

One of the biggest advantages of First Fence’s Materials Division is the expert coaching and education we offer to DIYers. Most “big box” home improvement stores don’t have staff with the right training to teach people how to install a fence properly. Our Fence Materials Manager and staff will help you build a custom fencing kit for your yard and walk you through the process of installing your fence. Our experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about materials, setup and installation. Some questions we often get from DIYers include:

  • What size posts do I need?
  • What are the standard heights for this type of fence?
  • How far apart should I place the posts between sections?
  • What’s the best way to hang a gate?
  • What type of cement do I need?

Although we don’t offer equipment rentals, our staff will recommend which tools you will need to install your fence and where to rent them. Once you have your fence list and materials ready to go, we are happy to help load your trailer so you can get on the road. First Fence of Georgia can also deliver the materials to your home! If you’re ready to start your DIY project, come see us today to get the materials and expert knowledge you need to build a beautiful fence that will last for years to come. For questions or to place an order, give Fence of Georgia a call at (770) 422-9996.