10 Privacy Options For Chain Link Fences

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Chain link fencing is an excellent solution for protecting your children and keeping your pets where they belong. The only problem is privacy. Standard chain link fences provide about as much privacy as an open window with no curtains – as in none. 

Yet, many homeowners want a more private yard. It’s about having that personal space away from neighbors and passersby where you can sit back and relax. Fortunately, you don’t have to tear up your expensive chain link fence to get the private yard you’ve always wanted. 

This article will highlight 10 kinds of chain link privacy fencing that are practical and stylish. You won’t have to break the bank for these options, either. 

Let’s get started. 

The Top 10 Chain Link Fence Privacy Ideas

1. Privacy Slats

One of the most popular solutions for chain link fence privacy is fence slats. These chain-link privacy slats are typically made of plastic or aluminum and are highly durable. 

For a typical six-foot tall chain link fence, you can expect to pay around $5 per linear foot for around 75% privacy coverage. There are options with higher privacy blocking. However, these will increase the wind load even further. 

Installation is pretty straightforward. You’ll get a large back of slats along with a bottom channel. You feed the bottom channel horizontally into the lowest rung of the chain link fence. 

Then, you take each slat and slide it into the weave of your fence. Ensure that each slat’s notch faces down to snap into the bottom channel. 

Pro Tip: Adding these slats will increase the fence’s wind load. We can get some pretty high winds here in Atlanta, especially during storms. If your fence is six feet tall, we recommend ensuring that your posts are SS40 instead of the smaller SS20 posts. You may also want to reduce the gaps between your posts to be 9 or 8 feet in the center to keep your fence from getting blown down. 

Privacy Slats

2. Privacy Tape

Visually, privacy tape looks similar to privacy slats and brings privacy to your chain link fence. However, this tape is usually installed diagonally for a pleasing woven appearance. The cost is around $6 to $7 per linear foot for a typical six-foot fence, and the durability is excellent. 

A reviewer of one of these tape products described how they didn’t need to replace it for 15 years! Installation is also fairly straightforward, although it can be time-consuming. 

When you order the tape, it arrives in large rolls and usually comes with pins or clips. You then weave the roll of tape through each slot in the chain link fence. When a weave is complete, you fold over both ends and pin them around the fence wire. For a creative privacy solution, you could design your own mural using this tape as this creator did here. 

privacy tape

3. Climbing Plants

Planting vines at the base of your fence can be a great way to enhance the look of your fence and provide privacy. However, it does introduce a few more complications. You will need a plantable area of good soil around the base of your fence. 

You will also need to remember to maintain and water these plants. When they are young, it will be up to you to “train” them by weaving their leading vines (“leaders”) through the links in the fence. The pricing will depend on several factors, including the plant type and the care they require. 

Although this is more work, it does pay off. Natural vining plants that provide adequate privacy and grow well in our southern climate include Honeysuckles, Mandevillas, Wisterias, and Clematis. Plus, these plants will provide a beautiful burst of color during their flowering seasons! 

4. Artificial Greenery

Alternatively, if you lack confidence in your green thumb abilities, you can opt for artificial greenery. This artificial greenery comes in pads or slats and is usually a kind of astroturf you can clip to your fence. It can give an otherwise industrial fence a healthy, natural look and provides 90% or more privacy blockage. A six-foot fence costs around $9 to 10$ per linear foot. 

Pro Tip: The single most significant factor influencing the fading and aging of outdoor greenery is UV rays. Look for UV-rated artificial greenery. You can also use a UV spray (such as this option that’s highly rated on Amazon) to increase the UV protection of your artificial greenery. 

Artificial Greenery on chain link fence on top of concrete wall

5. Privacy Mesh

Another option for privacy coverage for chain link fences is to use chain link privacy screens. Manufacturers use breathable polyethylene fabric designed to resist tears and last for years. These will be the most affordable option, coming in at just $1 per linear foot for a six-foot chain link fence, and the privacy blocking is 90% or more. Installation is also easy. 

It only takes a few minutes to pin down the grommets and tie the mesh to the fence. To make this option more stylish, consider using plants and outdoor decor to break up the solid color of the mesh to increase the visual appeal. 

6. Reed Screens

If you want a similar option to a privacy mesh but looking for a less industrial appearance, consider using bamboo reed screens. These woven-together screens from real bamboo can give your chain link fence a beautiful, beach-like appearance. 

Coming in at around $6 per foot, this is also an affordable option to get 90% or more privacy blocking. Since they are natural, they will fade and decay over the years. So you may need to replace them more often than other fencing options we’ve highlighted in this list. 

7. Bamboo Panels

Instead of reeds, you could opt for whole bamboo as a privacy cover for your chain link fence. Various outlets sell whole bamboo panels but come at a higher cost – around $11 to $12 per linear foot. Nonetheless, few privacy options are more stylish than bamboo paneling. Again, installation is as simple as putting up the panels and tying them down with cable ties. 

It’s often recommended that you find bamboo that manufacturers have cut at the node when looking for these panels. This ensures that the tops of the bamboo are all solid. Otherwise, water could get into the poles and increase their weathering and deterioration. 

Bamboo privacy panels

8. Wood Panels

You can also use wood paneling to provide nearly 100% privacy blocking. Instead of replacing your chain link fence, you can upgrade it with pre-build wood panels. These wood fence panels come in various sections. You can attach them directly to your existing chain link fence using U brackets. 

These panels are an expensive option for privacy, coming in at around $25 per linear foot for a six-foot fence. However, they are also one of the most visually attractive options, and they are affordable for smaller fences. 

By sealing and staining or painting your fence panels, they can last for years. Just be sure that they are up off the ground! That keeps water from wicking up into the bottom of the fence and causing damage. 

9. Vinyl Panels

As with wood paneling, you can also use vinyl panels to add privacy to your chain link fence. Vinyl fence panels cost around the same and have a very similar installation process. Regular cleaning is essential to keep vinyl bright and fresh. Keep an eye on your fencing and fix any damage as quickly as possible to maintain the structural integrity and privacy of your fence. 

Privacy panels

10. Box Planters

For our tenth idea for privacy, we’re getting creative – window box planters. You can create a hanging garden by attaching window boxes to your chain link fence. If you then plant vining plants and bushing shrubbery, you can end up creating a semi-private screen that provides natural beauty.   

Good plants for window boxes like this would be morning glories, sweet potato vines (decorative), and ivy vines. 

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